Sencor Multifunctional Halogen Oven – SMH 330

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  • Economical operation using up to 60% less electricity
  • Healthy low-fat oil-free cooking
  • Smoke-free cooking

1-Year brand Warranty

 7,100  6,400


Main Features Multifunctional Halogen Oven SMH 330

  • Cooks meals up to 3 times faster than a standard oven
  • Economical operation using up to 60% less electricity
  • Healthy low-fat oil-free cooking
  • Smoke-free cooking
  • Keeps your meals juicy on the inside
  • Circulation of hot air ensures that meals are baked evenly
  • 6-in-1 versatility:
  1.  it bakes (meat, pizza, French fries, cakes, biscuits)
  2.  it boils (hot dogs, eggs, seafood)
  3.  it grills (meat, vegetables)
  4.  it stews
  5.  it toasts
  6.  it defrosts
  • Self-clean function for easy and quick cleaning
  • Volume of 12 litres
  • Continuously adjustable temperature control in the range 0 – 250 °C
  • Removable glass bowl for easy maintenance
  • The manual includes popular recipes
  • Fold-down handle with a safety switch
  • Two side handles for easy carrying
  • 60-minute timer
  • Power On indicator light
  • Heat element operating light
  • Supplied accessories: low rack, high rack, tongs for removing hot pans
  • Maximum power input 1400 W
  • Dimensions: 405 x 335 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 6.0 kg



About Brand

SENCOR is a consumer electronics organization, founded in Japan in the late 1960s and went on to achieve prestigious status in the field of audio technologies.  In the early 1990s, when SENCOR became a European brand, the variety of products expanded significantly. SENCOR is a brand linking the Japanese tradition of state-of-the-art technology to the modern trends of a comfortable lifestyle, pushed even further by emotionalism, individualism and entertainment. The organization is known for its wide range of products, design, innovation and quality.


Sencor Let's Live

Enjoy life to the full. Sencor is for people with style that want to live life to the full. For your entertainment Sencor offers everything from televisions and tablets, to mobile phones and record players and MP3 players. Sencor opens up a new world of culinary delights with food processors and stick mixers.


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